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National Picture: Active Lives Physical Activity Results

Sport England Active Lives Survey May 19 to May 20 results have been published. The activity levels throughout England have remained relatively stable compared to the previous year. The only significant change is an increase (0.7%) in those who are inactive (less than 30mins of physical activity each week). 62.8% stated they met the recommended physical activity guidelines (Active), 11.7% completed between 30 and 150 mins of physical activity each week (fairly active) and 25.5% state that they are inactive.

The data shows that there are significant inequalities in regards to the demographic differences within the population. Trends have remained the same from previous years showing men are more likely to meet the recommended guidelines, the older an individual becomes the less likely they are to be active and those from the lower socioeconomic groups (NS-SEC 6-8, 9) are less active than those from the higher groups (NS-SEC 1-2).

Tees Valley Physical Activity Levels

There has been no significant changes to the activity levels compared to the previous year.

  Active Fairly Active Inactive
Hartlepool 53.3% 13.0% 33.7%
Middlesbrough 58.0% 9.8% 32.2%
Redcar and Cleveland 60.9% 10.1% 29.0%
Stockton-on-Tees 62.1% 9.4% 28.5%
Darlington 62.3% 13.0% 24.7%


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