This Girl Can Tees Valley

Sports Leaders come in all shapes and sizes!

Sport Englands insight shows that by every measure women play less sport than men. 75 % of women would like to play more sport or be more active. The reasons that women do not participate more are diverse, complex, social, emotional, physical and cultural. Barriers to being more active often cannot be torn down in isolation.


This Girl Can aims to encourage more women and girls from across the Tees Valley to get up, get out and get active!

We seek to liberate women from fear of judgement about taking part in sport and exercise. The tone is positive, inclusive and a little bit sassy! Let’s forge new positive social attitudes to and around women and girls playing sport and being active, breaking down barriers so that they feel more comfortable exercising. To support women in becoming more active we have championed female coaches and leaders and offered mentoring to assist their development.

We work with community groups that support isolated and vulnerable women to increase their access to physical activity. We can signpost women to opportunities to engage with physical activity, either as a complete beginner or returning to sport after a break.

For more information and guidance how you and your organisation can get involved please contact Victoria Auton on 01642 342287,

Factsheets and Guidance
UK Coaching and Women in Sport have produced a series of factsheets aimed at coaches who coach women or who are interested in coaching them in the future. Each factsheet provides insight into the female athlete and her needs, and guidance as to how better to coach and support her.

Socially Inclusive Coaching

Coaching Women Myth Buster