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Covid-19 Survey

Lockdown Physical Activity Findings

Research launched to explore impact of Covid-19 on the region’s physical activity

Three local Active Partnerships have joined forces to learn more about how the coronavirus pandemic has affected levels of physical activity.

In April 2020, Tees Valley Sport developed a survey after working closely with academics at Teesside University, to understand the levels of physical activity across the North East and the barriers faced when trying to remain physically active during the first lockdown of the pandemic. Dr Natalie Connor, Louise Morris and Gemma Nelson (Tees Valley Sport) worked with Dr Alison Innerd, Dr Emma Giles and Lynsey Bainbridge (School of Health and Life Sciences) to explore how the introduction of lockdown measures, including limiting exercise to once a day, had an impact on behaviour. The team of researchers also looked at the impact of government policy alongside other factors such as environment and social settings.

As the survey collected data for the whole of the North East, findings were shared with Rise and County Durham Sport. With data that is specific to these areas, it was hoped that findings would help to provide insight across the region.


Findings in Tees Valley

 How will we use these findings going forward?

Following on from this, and as a result of the second national lockdown, which commenced on 5 November, the three active partnerships joined forces to develop and release a second survey, to further measure the experiences of people living in the North East and their relationship with physical activity during the ongoing pandemic and the impact of the newly introduced tiered system.

It is hoped the collaboration between the active partnerships and university will encourage a more joined up approach to researching the health and wellbeing of communities across the region, with scope to use results to shape future work being done by Tees Valley Sport, Rise and County Durham Sport respectively, to decrease inequalities after the pandemic.

To support the work of the three local active partnerships and the university, as many people as possible are encouraged to complete the survey, which can be found here:  https://teesside.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/physical-activity-and-covid-19-survey-nov-2020-lockdown-2

For further information, please contact: Dr Natalie Connor (n.connor@tees.ac.uk)