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Orienteering adult leaders training – Couch 2 Green Course

Orienteering adult leaders training – Couch 2 Green Course back to News

A 7-week adult beginners course to learn orienteering!


Start running without the boredom!
Find a new running challenge!
Learn to navigate for Hiking, Adventure Racing or Fell Running!
Build confidence in reading maps!

Get Fit!

In orienteering, the aim is to navigate between checkpoints (or “controls”) marked on a specific type of map. There is no set route, so the skill and fun come from trying to find the best way to go. The aim of the Couch 2 Green course is to get you up to a standard where you can complete a ‘Green’ (intermediate level) course at an orienteering event.

The course runs over 7 weeks. Each week there’s a one-hour virtual session and a ninety-minute coached session and/or an orienteering event. Each week, the course also offers you the opportunity of completing up to 3 optional training sessions.

The course is designed to cater for all levels of fitness and enthusiasm offering a walkers (Couch 2 Green) and a runners (Track 2 Green) pathway – so it’s perfect for non-runners as well as those wanting to go orienteering a couple of times per week. You’ll learn how to read an orienteering map and the techniques – including how to use a compass – that will enable you to find controls quickly and effectively. You’ll also gain the confidence you need to make your navigation fast and accurate.

Cleveland Orienteering Klub (CLOK) is a welcoming club, and orienteering attracts friendly, adventurous people. It’s a sport that offers boundless opportunities to meet like-minded people and travel to new places.


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Posted on 15th September 2023