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Primary Sports Premium funding confirmed for another year

Primary Sports Premium funding confirmed for another year back to News

afPE has today received confirmation from the DfE that the Primary PE and Sport Premium will continue, at the doubled rate of £320 million for 2019-2020. afPE’s CEO, Sue Wilkinson MBE said:

“afPE is delighted that the DfE has confirmed the future investment for Primary PE and Sport. Whilst we were hopeful that current funding levels would be maintained, it is hugely gratifying to have this confirmed. Head teachers and Governors can now plan for how they will effectively use the grant to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of Physical Education and Sport.”

“We now have substantial evidence that clearly demonstrates that investing in the school workforce is one of the most effective ways of ensuring all children and young people increase their confidence, competence and academic achievement.”

“Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity are tools that make a significant contribution to whole school improvement. In addition, we know that the difference this funding has made to the physical and emotional well-being of children and young people is having an impact. This journey has taught us a lot about the destination that we are aiming for. There is no doubt that we must work together to achieve and efficient roadmap that will secure the appropriate outcomes for all pupils.”

“We must leave a legacy from this investment that ensures health and well-being of the nation’s young people, are a priority as well as improving such values as character and resilience, and secures Physical Education at the heart of school life!”

afPE’s Chair, Michael Crichton said: “As Chair of the single Subject Association for PE in the UK; The Association for Physical Education (afPE) and with over 40 years of experience in the education sector, I know how valuable to primary schools the Primary PE and Sport Premium has been since its introduction in 2013.”

“There has been much upskilling of the workforce hence higher quality and diverse experiences for pupils in PE lessons and enrichment programmes. Pupils have been offered a wider and inclusive range of activities and sports to engage and excite them, thus increasing participation and improving self-esteem, confidence and well-being. Increasing numbers of pupils have been given the opportunity to compete whether it be internally within the school or outside in inter school competitions. Many schools have introduced new activities that have appealed to those who don’t necessarily take part enthusiastically in the more ‘traditional’ activities and pursuits. These are just some examples and I know there are many, many more.”

“This additional grant for schools; ring-fenced for the purpose of improving and sustaining PE, sport and physical activity provision for all primary aged pupils in England has already made a lasting impact on many pupils due to schools using the grant effectively and for its intended purpose.”

“afPE is delighted that the Government has chosen to maintain the Primary PE and Sport Premium for the next academic year 2019-20; as originally intended, which will result in many more pupils experiencing high quality PE, school sport and physical activity (PESSPA), a lasting legacy, and an increasing amount of schools ensuring that PESSPA is at the heart of school life.”

“I do hope that school leaders will recognise and continue to recognise the importance of the Primary PE and Sport Premium. Thus, ensuring that every pupil benefits from this funding which will undoubtedly bring about lasting change, develop healthier, happier and confident individuals and embed a deep understanding of the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle.”

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Posted on 1st May 2019