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Online course for parents with children in sport

Online course for parents with children in sport back to News

The Child Protection in Sport Unit have designed this short, interactive, online course specifically for parents with children in sport so that you can learn everything you need to keep them safe. 

Keeping your child safe in sport is packed with information about making sport a safer place and who to turn to for help if you need it. 

It’s completely FREE and shouldn’t take any longer than 10 minutes to complete. 

What’s covered?

·       Knowing when something is wrong

Learn how to recognise abuse and poor practice and how to spot the signs in your child.

·       Poor practice vs abuse

Understand the difference between poor practice and abuse.

·       Listening to your child

Get some top tips for listening to your child about any worries they might have about their sport.

·       Speaking out

Find out about the different types of support available and who you can turn to for help.

·       Choosing a safe club

Learn about what a safer sports club should already have in place to protect children

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Posted on 8th October 2021