North East Disability Sports Awards Sponsorship

The North East Disability Sports Awards have been celebrating the achievements of disabled people across the North East over the last 15 years. The event recognises Paralympians, up and coming athletes, local disability sports clubs and individuals whose lives have been transformed through sport and physical activity.

The awards evening attracted over 230 attendees last year, with 98 nominations across the 10 categories. The event was covered by local newspapers and radio stations. High profile supporters of the event include Stephen Miller, the triple Paralympic champion.

Your support would allow us to continue delivering an event that:

Our event is unique in that our sole focus is the achievements of disabled people. This is in contrast to other awards where there may only be one disability category. We aim to shine a light on a community of people that do not receive as much attention as we feel they deserve. Without your generous support, the achievements of our disabled sports people will go unrecognised.

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