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Healthy Schools Rating

Healthy Schools Rating Scheme

The healthy schools rating scheme is available to all schools participating in the Active Lives Children and Young People survey. It has been designed to recognise and encourage schools’ contributions to pupils’ health and wellbeing. The scheme celebrates the positive actions that schools are delivering in terms of healthy eating and physical activity, and aims to help schools identify useful next steps in their provision. The scheme is part of a wider series of government actions to support pupils’ health and wellbeing, and is a commitment from the government’s Childhood Obesity Plan.

Schools will receive a rating based on their responses around food education, compliance with the school food standards, time spent on physical education and the promotion of active travel. Each participating school will receive a report based on their survey answers, and those achieving Gold, Silver or Bronze awards will receive a certificate. We encourage all participating schools to use this scheme to reflect on their future actions, and to share their achievements with parents, pupils and the wider school community.

Schools can notify Ofsted school inspectors about the rating they have achieved in the healthy schools rating scheme. They will be able to draw attention to the scheme as evidence of their provision to pupils. Where relevant, Ofsted inspectors may wish to consider the scheme as evidence when reaching the judgement on ‘personal development’.

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