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That’s right we are Podcasting!!

Usually the new year brings in resolutions and targets and goals for the coming months. Well with Tees Valley Sport we’ve decided to embark on a journey into the world of podcasting. 

Over the coming weeks and months we will be recording and publishing podcasts that will cover everything to do with sport, physical activity, health and well-being to bring you some down to earth and honest conversations. 

Our aim is to give friendly advice and insight into the world of sport and physical activity in the hope that it may help influence some to make some positive health changes or even to try something new.

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If there are any stories or events that you may want covering and you can share some knowledge and insight into what you and your organisation may be doing, particularly when combating Covid and lockdowns please get in touch with us at info@teesvalleysport.co.uk we really want to talk to you so please JOIN THE CONVERSATION.

Here are our podcasts so far:

Series 2

Episode 1 – Panathlon People

The ‘Panathlon family’ helps and inspires children with disabilities and special educational needs to reach their sporting potential.  The host Dom Fenton chats to Nigel Hornsby from our team about the many benefits of their partnership with Panathlon.

Series 1

Episode 1 – Welcome and introduction to Tees Valley Sport’s new executive director 

Welcome to Tees Valley Sport’s brand new podcast. In episode 1 we meet Mal Fitzgerald recently appointed Executive Director of Tees Valley Sport. We find out some information about Mal, his background in work and his sport and physical activity. We also hear how Tees Valley Sport have been working to support clubs and groups during the Covid pandemic and we hear a little about Mal’s vision for Tees Valley Sport moving forward.

Episode 2 – Half Term with Yes!Coach

In Episode 2 we meet Kieran Walker – Athletics coach who has done work for Yes! Coach previously. We discuss his background in competing and coaching and then we make a surprise announcement regarding Yes! Coach and February Half Term.

Episode 3 – Active Home Schooling

In Episode 3 Mark talks to Tracy Raynor, Alison Innerd and Matthew Jackson about Active Home Schooling. We hear some handy hints and tips for what parents and teachers can be doing to ensure children are staying active while learning from home. We hope you enjoy the episode.

Episode 4 – Keeping Active during lockdown

In Episode 4 Mark is joined by three members of our team to offer some help and guidance on staying active during lockdown. Loads of helpful hints and tips and some very honest answers from the Tees Valley Sport team.

Episode 5 – Niall Judge from Sport England

In Episode 5 Mark is joined by Niall Judge, Development Manager for Clubs at Sport England. We get an amazing insight to the new 10 year strategy, plus some top tips for clubs looking to develop their workforce,  volunteers and to gain some new members.

Episode 6 – Amanda Bell, teacher and English channel swimmer

This week Mark meets Amanda Bell – Amanda is a local teacher, who in 2014 swam the English channel. We discuss how she managed to juggle her job alongside this amazing feat and in addition the juggling act of being a mum too! 

Episode 7 – Personal Challenge Easter School Games

This week Mark is joined by Nigel Hornsby from Tees Valley Sport who is the driving force behind the School Games delivery within the team. He comes onto the podcast to talk about this year’s Easter Virtual School Games, which are taking place between 22nd and 26th March.

Episode 8 – Jan Leonard JTS Trampoline Club

This week Mark meets Jan Leonard founder of JTS Trampoline club. They discuss how covid has had an impact on the club, what Jan has done to keep participants engaged during lockdown. We find out a little about the funding Jan managed to secure through Tees Valley Sport and finally Jan tells us the exciting plans she has when indoor sports are allowed to reopen again.

Episode 9 – Joe Maphosa

This week Mark is joined by local boxer Joe Maphosa, Joe competes on the international level of boxing and is based out of Teesside. We hear about Joe’s background and how he got into boxing. We also find out how covid has impacted him and what his plans are post covid when things get back to normality. Since recording this episode it has been announced Joe will take on Craig Derbyshire for the vacant English Super-flyweight championship on Saturday 31st July.

Episode 10 – Claire Tennyson and Neil Young from Redcar & Eston School Sport Partnership

This week Mark meets Claire Tennyson and Neil Young from Redcar & Eston School Sport Partnership. We will find out a little more about what School Sports Partnerships are, what support they offer schools and how they have been working during the past year around Covid – 19 restrictions.

Episode 11 – Leon Jones – Managing Director at Tees Active

This week, Mark is joined by Leon Jones – Managing Director at Tees Active. They discuss the effect Covid has had on gyms and leisure facilities over the past year and how Tees Active have been working hard to get ready for re opening.

Episode 12 – Martin Jenkins – Assistant Director at Tees Valley Sport

This week we are joined by Tees Valley Sport’s Assistant Director Martin Jenkins. Martin sadly is retiring on the 30th April and Mark catches up with Martin to discuss some of Martin’s memories of his time at Tees Valley Sport, how he got to work for Tees Valley Sport and what his plans are for retirement.

Episode 13 – Matthew Williams – Mind

This week sees the start of Mental Health awareness week and Mark is joined by Matt Williams. Matt is a keen advocate in terms of talking about mental health and it’s a great start to a mini series focussing on mental health and how sport can play a positive impact to people’s mental health.

Episode 14 – Andrew Poinen – Kooth

This week Mark is joined by Andrew Poinen from Kooth in the second in a mini series focussing on Mental Health. Kooth are an online mental wellbeing community for children aged 11 to 18. It is completely safe and anonymous and they offer support to children 365 days a year. We learn more today about the impact the past year has had on Kooth as an organisation in terms of the amount of hours of support children have received and much more. We also find out about Qwell, a free resource for teachers who may be suffering with mental health issues.

Episode 15 – Lauren Perkins and James Hartley, You’ve Got This

This week Mark is joined by James and Lauren from You’ve Got This. You’ve Got this are one of only 12 local delivery pilots and they are based in the South Tees. We find out a lot more about You’ve Got This, what they are involved with in the South Tees and also some of their longer terms aims for helping people become and then ultimately stay more active in the South Tees.

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