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Personal Challenge

Personal Challenge

We know that school life might be a little bit different at the moment, and that it has been a very strange and difficult year. This is why we are wanting each child to try their very best to be their best. Take part alongside your friends from school or your family at home. You aren’t competing against anyone else, this week is about YOU. We have set a number of different activities that you can try, you don’t have to try them all, choose ones that you enjoy and try to be your best.

‘Personal Challenge’ is about beating your best scores, trying your hardest and having a real sense of personal achievement. You can complete each challenge as many times as you like and let us know how you felt in each challenge using the QR Code on each challenge card. Give it your all, try as many times as you can and BE YOUR BEST!



  • Please ensure that you are familiar with the rules and requirements of each activity prior to the event by reviewing the activity cards.
  • Make sure you have enough space around you before starting an activity.
  • Prepare the exercise space by clearing away unnecessary clutter.
  • Make sure the level chosen is appropriate for you/your child’s physical and mental limits.
  • Stay hydrated throughout the day with water.

All the challenges are designed to be suitable for each age group, however it is important to understand that if you choose to take part, you are doing so at your own risk.


Results & Scoring

We are not collecting your scores this time. This is about you and your best. So all we want to know is how you feel, if you enjoyed the challenges. Most importantly is that you tried to beat your best score, sometimes your first try can be your best score so don’t worry if you set a good score and cant better it, it is still your score.

You can share how it made you feel by completing the survey attached to each challenge or by following this link.

Challenges To Complete

The secondary school challenges are based on fitness, circuits, distance challenges. See what you can do, challenge yourself on time, on quantity, over a day, a week or per challenge. 

Remember to utilise the CHANGE IT option to try different variations, make it easier or harder.

Do your best and have fun, and tell us about it!

View the instructional videos on our YouTube channel or by clicking the button on the activity cards.

Watch the instructional videos

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