Virtual School Games

Are You Up For The Challenge?

We know that school life might be a little bit different at the moment, but you can still compete to be Tees Valley champions in the “Tees Valley Virtual School Games”.

Take part alongside your friends and teammates from school, represent your district, and strive to be the very best that you can in this very special, virtual competition.

During the School Games Finals week, 15th June to 18th June, we will be launching 8 different challenges for you to complete which can be done from the living room, garden, driveway, yard, street or even school.

Each challenge will be available until 9pm on Thursday 18th June. You can complete it as many times as you like before submitting your best scores in each challenge on results form for each challenge ahead of the deadline. Your score will be added to your school total, meaning that you can be part of your school team, and compete against all of the other schools in the county.

Your school’s total score will be calculated by taking the average of score submissions, so it doesn’t matter whether you are at a small school or a huge school. Children scores will gain points for their school and their district in the overall leaderboards.

We want to see your videos and photos on our social media feeds, don’t worry you don’t have to share if you don’t want to. Keep your eye out for special prizes over the week as we watch the leaderboards for schools representing the Spirit of the Games and getting the most participants involved in each challenge.

Be Your Best

Your District Needs You!


Get Involved

It’s never too late to get involved, every day we will prioritise two challenges to shout about the leader board. You can get going straight away. Just see the list of challenges on this page (in this section). Why not encourage your family to take part and even your teachers at school all of their scores can count too.

Get updates, challenges and results via our social media channels and via your School Games Organisers.

Twitter: @teesvalleysport

Facebook: Tees Valley Sport

Instagram: @teesvalleysport

And use the hashtags #getteesvalleyactive  #teesvalleyschoolgames  #yourschoolgames



We have leaderboards coming out of our ears, and there are loads of different ways to win. We have overall leaderboards for Primary Schools and Secondary Schools, as well as individual challenge leaderboards, year group leaderboards and most importantly district leaderboards.

We will reward schools with the most participants per challenge and overall with a Spirit of the Games award. So make sure you take part and tell your classmates to take up the challenge too.

The submission form only collects essential information relevant to the School Games and its funding. Please complete the form as best you can and ensure your scores are accurate before submitting.

Remember the School Games Values when completing your challenges and remember that these results all combine to make your team totals. The challenge is to beat your ‘own’ Personal Best. Have fun, get your family involved and submit your results by the deadline to ensure they are included.

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