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Active Home Learning

The use of physical activity and active learning couldn’t be more important to your child right now!

It is really important for your child to maintain physical activity during lockdown and home schooling to support their mental and physical well being but also their academic progress.

Here are our Top Tips to help you get started.


Needing more inspiration?

There’s no harm in being creative either. Have you asked your child what games they play in the play ground? Could you make one of these games into a learning environment for them?

If you’re stuck check out these sites for great ideas on a variety of different subjects. 

  • Free fun activities for teachers to keep children happy & healthy
  • Physical activity games, resources and movements ideas
  • Active learning at home and the classroom
  • Age 4-11 years


  • 45+ Active indoor games
  • Indoor physical activity games, arts and crafts, educational activities
  • From babies, primary school and family


  • 250+ activities to support your children’s learning in an active, fun and engaging way
  • Active Maths & English
  • Homework resources
  • Resources for parents, primary pupils and teachers


  • KIDDO provides information, resources and skills for parents, teachers and early learning educators
  • Getting kids moving and building physical literacy and physical activity skills for life for children age 3-8


  • The PE suite will allow parents and carers the opportunity to access a variety of PE, physical activities and sports contents to support children
  • There are many You Tube links to keeps children healthy and active including yoga, just dance and many more


  • The government have brought together an initial list of free online educational resources to help children to learn at home.
  • These websites have been identified by some of the country’s leading educational experts and offer a wide range of support and resources for pupils of all ages.
  • The list includes subject-specific resources for English, Maths, Science, PE, Well-being, SEND.


  • With families stuck at home, Premier Education have put together a range of free resources for parents to access and utilise as part of their home learning.
  • The resources include a range of Physical Activity / Life Skills / Health & Wellbeing activities.


  • Resources to support children to learn and move at home
  • Physically active learning including active maths & english
  • Primary age focused


Feel free to share any of your amazing ideas and successes on our social media use the #activehomelearning

Here’s what the experts have to say.

We spoke to Dr Alison Innerd from Teesside University about the positive impact physical activity can have on learning and academic performance.


Key Messages from Dr Alison Innerd:

Active Breaks

Take time studying in the traditional manner and then step away to take regular breaks with bouts of physical activity. That may be a walk with family or maybe your daily mile. Perhaps some star jumps or a short exercise video you can follow. Or maybe your school has some physical challenges they are taking part in that you can participate in.

Active Learning

This is incorporating some sort of physical activity within the curriculum tasks set by the school teachers. Maybe its a maths exercise that you can do some physical exercise to give your answers. Or why not try setting lesson tasks in different rooms in the house along with some physical exercises to go with the tasks.

The Benefits

Research has shown that being physically active can have a positive impact on concentration, behaviour, information retention and academic performance. Being active and getting the blood flowing can help your child enjoy learning more as well as being healthier both physically and mentally. 




Try some of these home PE sessions from some national providers

  • PE sessions at home via You Tube Monday-Friday 9am


  • Real PE is a unique, child centred approach that transforms how we teach PE to challenge and support EVERY child
  • Real PE at home supports PE home learning and families to play and learn together while having fun
  • Primary schools and families


  • Home PE activities for primary pupils
  • Encouraging children to stay active and keep fit at home


  • Ideas and tips to get families moving indoors
  • 10 minutes shake up games


  • home schooling videos using rugby to inspire KS2 primary children


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