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Update to the South Tees Mens Health Network for Mens Health Week

Update to the South Tees Mens Health Network for Mens Health Week back to News

South Tees Men’s Health Network are promoting their Men’s Health Action Plan this week which has already been used to bring £250k of funding to projects via lottery and other funders with Public Health support. In Middlesbrough there is men’s health plan with 6 priority areas and objectives from a year of insight work, 4 years of network engagement and many examples of good practice. 

They have access to ‘how to engage with men to improve their health’ training for services to work better to engage males and keep them engaged and BoroManCan which is a campaign sharing positive stories (see this month’s Love Middlesbrough Magazine) and many of us already taking specific approaches in your work to improve the offer for men, MICH 1001 days group to name one. 

They also have many grassroots suicide prevention grant funded men’s projects up and running with summaries attached for Middlesbrough and Redcar, courtesy of Katie Bannister, the Tees Suicide Prevention Lead. This list includes the Barbers for Health project led by the BME network, which also supports the new BoroManCan webpage discussed for a long time and now getting its own online space. More to follow on this soon.

The showcase events over the last 3 years have created a wealth of knowledge including highly informative and often still current presentations on:

If you want access to any of these, please e-mail Katrina Jackson on Katrina_Jackson@middlesbrough.gov.uk to ask for copies.

Currently, other than one or two services, males only make approximately 1/3rd of primary care appointments and perhaps this reflects one part of the problems as to why men have the lion’s share of preventable and earlier onset diseases as well as the continued and tragic approx 75% of all suicides in our area. In short, they are disproportionately represented in living longer with illness and over-representation in premature mortality rates.

Overview – Redcar

Overview – Middlesbrough

Plan Objectives 2018

Training Courses

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Posted on 13th June 2019