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Stronger Communities Grant Middlesbrough

Stronger Communities Grant Middlesbrough back to News

Can you help your local community to become fairer, safer and stronger; helping people to learn about each other’s faiths and beliefs and work together to make it a better place to live for all? Middlesbrough Council want to support local voluntary, faith and community groups based in Newport, North Ormesby and Thorntree wards  and their projects with funding of up to £2,000. They are looking for projects of varying sizes which meet one or more of three priorities;

  1. Improving relationships within the community – providing support or help to establish social networks across different ethnic and faith groups.
  2. Reducing community tensions within the community – projects which tackle strained relations between residents within the community.
  3. Welcoming new migrants into the community – projects which welcome new migrants into Middlesbrough and help them to become active members of their community.

Criteria and Application Form for Grant Fund

For more information please contact Sharon Barker, Market Management Officer, Direct Line (01642) 729309 Sharon_Barker@middlesbrough.gov.uk


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Posted on 11th March 2019