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Cerebral Palsy Sport launches It’s Okay to Play resources

Cerebral Palsy Sport launches It’s Okay to Play resources back to News

Through the ‘It’s Okay to Play Project’, CP Sport aims to make it easier for people with cerebral palsy and associated physical impairments to access sport and activities. The charity has created two new resources. One for families to use, and the second for education sector and health professionals who work with young people and adults with physical impairments.

The resources contain key information, helpful ideas and games that will allow for both audiences to support disabled people to access sport and activity that we hope will result in them leading a happier, healthier life.

The resources will provide teachers and those that lead PE with the tools to be able to run fully inclusive sessions and activities breaking down barriers and perceptions. The family resource will provide families and carers hints and tips on how to be active with members of the family who have a physical impairment. It will provide the confidence to ‘play’ within the home setting, go into the local community and access green spaces and parks and ultimately encourage the family to be active together.

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Posted on 14th August 2020