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Skipping School Challenges

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Skipping is one the best activities for children to keep active and have fun, especially during these challenging times.

Children already need to be at a distance from others in order to skip safely, so sharing skills is not much different from what we have been doing for many years. Plus the equipment is very easy to clean!

Our offer:

• We would like to engage with pupils from all schools in Teesside in a FREE skipping skill challenge.
• We will provide a set of video tutorials with a range of individual skipping skills for children of all ages and abilities in
EYFS, KS1, KS2, KS3 & KS4. The focus is ‘fun first’ with a ‘personal best’ challenge included.

Our aims:

• To stimulate an acceptance that skipping is both a positive fitness exercise and fun to do, promoting increased
physical activity levels.
• To give children of all ages and abilities a positive and rewarding experience, for increased self esteem and wellbeing.
• To support PE Subject Leaders and/or Class Teachers to embed skipping into the PE curriculum and/or playground
activities, and also give Parents and Carers in the ‘home schooling’ environment, a chance to create some fun.

Our price: £0.00 – YES IT IS FREE and comes to you via Tees Valley Sport!
Please feel free to contact us for more information about how we can support you.

Our offer in more detail:
• The video tutorials show individual skipping skills that are achievable by all children in all year groups.
• The skills can be practiced in school or at home, as full instructions are given.
• There are additional support message videos for Teachers, and Parents & Carers.
• There is ‘Skipping Tips’ video for us to share some initial messages and ideas about how to get started.
• There is a video support message to encourage children to simply ‘have-a-go’ AND ‘have fun’.
• There is simply a wish to promote increased confidence, self-esteem and wellbeing in these challenging times.
• There is an A B C of skipping included to show how the different skills can help Agility – Balance – Co-ordination.
• The ‘personal best’ challenge is to encourage each child to try and beat their own best, i.e. how many of each skill.
• The challenge runs over the week of 22nd March as part of the Tees Valley Sport ‘Challenge Week’.
• There are opportunities for skipping ropes to be provided as part of this project – please enquire directly with us.
• There is an opportunity for us to assist in the delivery of these tutorials – please enquire.

Our wish:
To have a positive impact on as many children as possible, through our ‘fitness through fun philosophy’.
To also demonstrate that we have an acute understanding of all the atmospheric difficulties being felt at
all levels at this time, and to make this project as simple as possible for engagement for everyone.

Take part and be safe!


Do you need equipment at your school?

Skipping school are offering to support you and your school with their skipping rope packages. Please contact them directly if you are interested.