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Supporting Primary PE, Sport and Physical Activity

Tees Valley Sport works in Partnership with Sport England, the Youth Sport Trust, the Association for Physical Education and local partners to support schools in making the most of the Primary PE and Sport Premium.

We will support your school in all aspects of delivery of physical education, school sport and physical activity.

  • Making sense of the many offers and programmes available from local and national organisations
  • Making informed decisions regarding your PE & Sport Funding budgets
  • Completing a self-review and action plan
  • Examples of good practice and innovation
  • The use of external, appropriately qualified coaches/volunteers

Funding and Guidance

The most up to date guidance for PE and Sport Premium is available below through


If you need help interpreting this or applying the information to your school please contact Tracy Raynor on

Deploying External Expertise in Your School

The key guidance for PE and School Sport is available through UK Coaching

coaching in schools-schools-portal


A set of nationally recognised professional standards for those coaching children have been established by the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) on behalf of Sport England.

  • The Minimum Deployment Requirements have been developed to help drive the quality of coaching delivered to children. We would encourage schools and partners to support coaches to access further training that would allow them to go beyond minimum requirements and meet the additional recommendations laid out here.
  • These professional standards will help support the requirement for coaches to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and behaviours to work with this age group and in this environment. School leaders must ensure that coaches have the technical expertise for each activity they are delivering.
  • Out of hours activities delivered directly by school staff or on behalf of the school are the responsibility of the Headteacher and governing body.
  • Headteachers always need to ensure they are complying with their employers requirements regarding qualifications and evidence of coach competence. This will necessitate working to the employers minimum operating standards, which all coaches must meet.

For more information about the CIMSPA qualification and upcoming local courses for your coaches, please click here




Reporting your School’s Performance

To download the national template (designed by afPE & YST) for your reporting please click on the image below;

To download an afpE designed exemplar of how to use the National Template please click below;

Good Practice and National Case Studies

sports coach UK in conjunction with the national partners (afPE, CSPN, Sport England, UK Active Kids and YST) have produced a range of case studies exemplifying the effective and sustainable use of the Primary PE and Sport Premium funding.

School Sport Case Studies.

Training Opportunities