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Best Practice Case Studies in Primary PE

Case Studies using the Primary PE and Sport Funding

How is your school using the PE and Sport funding?

Below are case studies of how schools in the Tees Valley are using their funding to make a sustainable difference. Have a look, explore effective practise and reflect on your own provision, recognising that best practice occurs where schools have a good understanding of their current strengths and weaknesses in PE and school sport and use the funding to improve, enhance and extend their provision. 

The following Case Studies were developed following each School being chosen as winners of their PE and Sport Awards (via their SGO) in their respective districts.  Each of the Case Studies were entered for the Tees Valley Sport Innovation Award and congratulations to Fairfield Primary School who were the inaugural winners. 

Activity Zones

Active School Programme

Positive Mind Management

Active Lunchtimes

Activity Zones

Lunchtime Tennis


UK Coaching in conjunction with the national partners (afPE, CSPN, Sport England, UK Active Kids and YST) have produced a range of case studies exemplifying the effective and sustainable use of the Primary PE and Sport Premium funding.To read the case studies please click here.

If you have good practice that you are happy to share or are considering a project and want to identify another school that has done similar work please contact Tracy Raynor on