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Podcasting! Yep we’re into that.

Podcasting! Yep we’re into that. back to News

Usually the new year brings in resolutions and targets and goals for the coming months. Well with Tees Valley Sport we’ve decided to embark on a journey into the world of podcasting. 

Over the coming weeks and months we will be recording and publishing podcasts that will cover everything to do with sport, physical activity, health and well-being to bring you some down to earth and honest conversations. 

Our aim is to give friendly advice and insight into the world of sport and physical activity in the hope that it may help influence some to make some positive health changes or even to try something new.

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If there are any stories or events that you may want covering and you can share some knowledge and insight into what you and your organisation may be doing, particularly when combating Covid and lockdowns please get in touch with us at info@teesvalleysport.co.uk we really want to talk to you so please JOIN THE CONVERSATION.

Here are our podcasts so far:

Episode 1 – Welcome and introduction to Tees Valley Sport’s new executive director 

Welcome to Tees Valley Sport’s brand new podcast. In episode 1 we meet Mal Fitzgerald recently appointed Executive Director of Tees Valley Sport. We find out some information about Mal, his background in work and his sport and physical activity. We also hear how Tees Valley Sport have been working to support clubs and groups during the Covid pandemic and we hear a little about Mal’s vision for Tees Valley Sport moving forward.


Episode 2 – Half Term with Yes!Coach

In Episode 2 we meet Kieran Walker – Athletics coach who has done work for Yes! Coach previously. We discuss his background in competing and coaching and then we make a surprise announcement regarding Yes! Coach and February Half Term.


Episode 3 – Active Home Schooling

Today Mark talks to Tracy Raynor, Alison Innerd and Matthew Jackson about Active Home Schooling. We hear some handy hints and tips for what parents and teachers can be doing to ensure children are staying active while learning from home. We hope you enjoy the episode.


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Posted on 10th February 2021