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Sport councils join forces to tackle racial inequality in sport

Sport councils join forces to tackle racial inequality in sport back to News

The five sports councils responsible for investing in and growing sport across the UK are joining forces to tackle racism and racial inequalities across their nations. The chief executives of UK Sport, Sport England, sportscotland, Sport Wales, and Sport Northern Ireland have worked closely in recent weeks to develop a collective plan to help build a sporting system that’s properly reflective of the societies they represent, and to stamp out racism and racial inequality in sport.

Two major initial pieces of work, of which there are further details below, are being commissioned as part of the first phase of plans, while the chief executives will also meet regularly to track progress and publish updates.

The first piece of work involves bringing together existing data on race and ethnicity in sport to identify gaps and make recommendations, while the second involves creating an opportunity to hear lived experiences of racial inequalities and racism in sport by offering people a safe space to tell their stories. Both projects are a result of the recognition that while individually each sports council has sought to tackle the issues, it’s not gone far enough nor been done collectively.

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Posted on 18th September 2020