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Public seminar: Sport and Exercise as the Elixir of Life

Public seminar: Sport and Exercise as the Elixir of Life back to News

On Tuesday 24 November Sir Muir Gray will deliver a joint NCSEM and Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine online public seminar on sport and exercise as the elixir of life.

Sir Muir Gray entered the Public Heath Service by joining the City of Oxford Health department in 1972 after qualifying in medicine in Glasgow, the city of his birth. He developed a local, then national programme of work to promote health in old age, at a time before the implications of population ageing had been recognised. He has had numerous publications including his Sod range of books.

It is now known that what happens to us after the age of 60 should not just be assumed to be caused by the ageing process. The ageing process affects everyone from about forty on but by itself does not cause major problems until after ninety. This talk will discuss inter-related causes of the problems that occur more frequently as people live longer:

Sir Muir will discuss the evidence that we can reduce the risk of dementia, disability and frailty and also the cultural revolution that is needed to move from the concept of care to the concept of coaching ie closing the gap between potential and performance.

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Posted on 19th November 2020