New We Are Undefeatable research and resources

New We Are Undefeatable research and resources back to News

New research and a leaflet are part of the continuation of Sport England’s the We Are Undefeatable campaign, which is aimed at helping people with long-term health conditions to get or keep active. The insight pack is for supporters and partners of the campaign, to help them develop their own activation plans. Meanwhile the leaflet and pull-out is for households that are less, or not, digitally engaged and is being distributed by partners and supporters in their local areas.

Another resource to help them keep or get people active will be the new leaflet, which includes an exercise guide to support getting active at home. The leaflet will be distributed via supermarkets, We Are Undefeatable activation areas and through the campaign’s charity partners – it’s also available to download from the supporters’ hub.
Also new to the hub is an ‘Activation ideas and inspiration’ section, which includes a selection of case studies, more information on the ten targeted activation areas, information and opportunities for health system workers, support for the physical activity workforce, details on how partner charities are delivering the campaign, and a portal for partners to tell us how they’re supporting the campaign.

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Posted on 26th June 2020