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‘Every Move’ Sport England’s sustainability strategy and action plan

‘Every Move’ Sport England’s sustainability strategy and action plan back to News


Using the Every Move strategy and action plan, Sport England will lead, inspire and support the sector to become environmentally sustainable, enabling greater opportunity for all people to participate in sport and physical activity, now and in the future.

The places and spaces we use for sport and physical activity and our participation are threatened by the effects of climate change.

Reduced water and air quality, rising temperatures and extreme weather events such as flooding, drought and heatwaves are all expected to increase in the coming decades. 

Low-income households, older people, marginalised communities, children and those with disabilities and long-term health conditions will be most vulnerable to climate hazards.

The Active Lives surveys show that these same audiences already participate less in sport and physical activity than their counterparts which will be compounded by climate change. 

The negative effects of climate change and benefits of participating in sport and physical activity aren’t distributed evenly.

Sport England are committed to tackling this to ensure a fairer sport and physical activity environment for everyone, advocating for the changes needed to ensure everyone can enjoy the benefits of an active life as our climate changes. 

‘Every Move’, Sport England’s strategy and action plan will help the sector tackle climate change together.

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Posted on 1st July 2024