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Community Sport and Recreation Awards

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 The Community Sport and Recreation Awards 2021 have been launched and each winner (5 categories) will win £1000, in addition to national awareness and recognition. The CSRAs has been a flagship Alliance event for around 10 years, and the CSRAs 2021 will represent the first ever done online. Much more information can be found here, and applications are open until the end of December. This year, there are five award categories:

Resilience in Adversity Award- The newly established Resilience in Adversity Award celebrates the methods which community clubs have used to keep their participants engaged during Covid-19 pandemic restrictions. With clubs across the UK forced to close and the public told to stay at home, we are recognising the outstanding projects that have supported grassroots activity and delivered differently this year.

Sustainable Programme Award- The Sustainable Programme Award is a new award that has been introduced to reflect the growing need for organisations in and out of sport to be socially, environmentally and economically aware. If your project is leaving a green footprint or leading the charge for a better future, we want to hear about it! 

The Diversity and Inclusion Award- The Diversity and Inclusion Award celebrates clubs and programmes that support underrepresented groups through sport, recreation or physical activity. This award celebrates the work that community sport and recreation is doing in this very important area.

The Mental Health and Wellbeing Award- The Mental Health and Wellbeing Award celebrates clubs/programmes which use the power of sport and recreation to promote and enhance positive wellbeing. They are ambassadors for promoting good health and wellbeing policies. It’s well known that participating in sport, recreation and physical activity improves your mental health and wellbeing, and we think it’s important to recognise those initiatives that directly focus on this. 

The Youth Development Award- The Youth Development Award celebrates clubs/programmes/schools that are engaging and significantly improving the lives of children and young people through either sport, recreation or physical activity. 

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Posted on 4th December 2020