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British Cycling launch their new strategy

British Cycling launch their new strategy back to News

British Cycling have launched their exciting new strategyLead our Sport, Inspire our Communities. 

 This is the product of nine months of consultation with stakeholders inside and outside cycling and will propel them towards the Paris Olympics and Paralympics and beyond. 

Lead our Sport, Inspire our Communities will build on the success of the past – British Cycling’s heritage of using inspirational performances to drive gains in participation – in order to capitalise on the amazing opportunities we see in the changing cycling landscape today, and enable the organisation to work more effectively in the future. 

 That means a renewed commitment to nurture the good health of our sport from the grassroots to the podium, a revolution in our work to get more young people cycling, putting diversity and inclusion at the heart of everything they do and ensuring the sport’s showcase events deliver a legacy of inspiration and investment.

Lead our Sport, Inspire our Communities will be driven forward by Seven Priorities to Paris:

Each of our Seven Priorities to Paris will be supported by three success measures and our approach to achieving these will be founded on Five Principles:


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Posted on 6th September 2021