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Sara McIntyre

Position: Director

Sara McIntyre is a consultant in sport, leisure and community business sectors,  primarily focussed on economics and financial sustainability.  She has been involved in ‘making things work’ for a wide range of organisations from local sports clubs through to large-scale events such as the 2002 Manchester Commonwealth Games.  She served for a number of years as a committee member at her local sports club and initiated fundraising for a much needed upgrade to the facilities, which brought first-hand experience of the very best aspects of grass-roots sports management alongside some the challenges which are common to many clubs.

Sara originally trained as a scientist and held a number of research and commercial roles in science and technology before setting up her own business to follow her passion for sports.   Since being taken as a very young baby to swim in the sea she has always been involved in sport and has taken part in a wide range of team and individual activities, all with considerably more enthusiasm than aptitude.  A career list of injuries has amply demonstrated the need for good coaching, good support and good facilities to help prevent and to recover from them!

Having lived in the beautiful surroundings of the Tees Valley for nearly 30 years she is delighted to support Tees Valley Sports Partnership to provide opportunities for everyone – talented or not – to access the benefits and the joy of taking part in sport and exercise.