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Women in Sport Time Together Campaign is back

Women in Sport Time Together Campaign is back back to News

Women in Sport launches #TimeTogether, its national campaign to empower daughters and mums to reconnect and discover new ways to get active together whilst inspiring others to do so too. Following a year of widespread disruption where activity levels have dropped and time online has soared, the charity is calling on daughters and mums to set aside time to reconnect through exercise and activity.

• The covid pandemic has seen a reduction in activity levels for both teenage girls and their mum’s while time spent online has soared.

• #TimeTogether is back, encouraging and inspiring teenage girls and their mums/mother figures to reconnect and get active together.

• New research from Women in Sport reveals 89% of girls believe that being physically active is important for feeling good about themselves but over half of girls (55%) have lost confidence in their sporting ability since lockdowns began. (Covid Attitudinal Research, July 2021)

• Throughout the month of October, #TimeTogether celebrates how being active together makes daughters and mums/mother figures feel happier, stronger and healthier

• A host of celebrities and influencers are backing the campaign including Kaye Adams (TV Presenter, Journalist)

Backed by Kaye Adams, TV presenter and journalist and organisations across the sport, health and wellbeing sector including The Wildlife Trusts Her Spirit, Canal River Trust, BMC, England Netball, England Rugby British Cycling, England Golf, Places Leisure, This Mum Runs and the Great Outdoor Gym Company Women in Sport want daughters and mums across the UK to share their experiences and inspire others to feel the physical and mental benefits of being active together.

Mums are also often reluctant to allocate time for themselves to be active with, 32% of women saying that they couldn’t prioritise exercise during lockdown as they had too much to do for others. (Women in Sport, Lockdown Research, 2020)

The campaign inspires daughters and mums to discover a new way of spending time together, by being active, dancing together, walking together, climbing together, swimming together. “Getting active with your mum is good as it gives you motivation to get up to get active… and for this person to be your mum makes it better! You know your mum isn’t going to judge you so you can feel completely comfortable.” (Eva, 16)

#TimeTogether is the result of Women in Sport’s teenage girls research, looking at how the relationship between mother and daughter can be instrumental in encouraging teenage girls to be active. Whilst they fear judgement and anxiety in many areas of their life, research shows teenage girls cherish time alone with their mum and view their relationship as a ‘safe space’. 48% of girls say their mum encourages and supports them most to get active and do exercise.

Kaye Adams, TV Presenter and Journalist said: “I think we’ve all found that over the last year or so we’ve been spending more and more time online. It can be hard to put our phones down and get our trainers on or yoga mat out. Time with my daughter is precious and exercising together is a really fun way of spending this time – we give each other that motivation to keep going! Women in Sport’s #TimeTogether campaign is a great prompt to encourage us to put down our tech, get up and spend time together.”

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Posted on 4th October 2021