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Red January

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RED January is a nationwide movement that’s empowering people across the UK to move every day in January to support their mental health.

As a nation we’re much less active in the winter, and that is an important reason why so many people feel lower in mood and rates of depressions are higher. RED January exists to support you through this time.

Research from the University of Oxford shows the positive impact taking part in the campaign has with more than half (54%) of participants stating they were more active and experienced a significant improvement in their happiness and a reduction in anxiety.

How to join

As participants can choose the way they’d like to move each day during January, it makes teaming up with Played and linking to your local activities, a really exciting step forward. The RED community will now be able to easily find free and fun activities in their local community.

Getting your community involved is simple:

Everyone can sign up for FREE at RED January (redtogether.co.uk). If you’d like to create a team, click on ‘CREATE A TEAM’ when you sign up and name your team. Share the team name and sign up link with anyone you’d like to join. When signing up, they can click on ‘JOIN A TEAM,’ add your team name, and they will be added

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Posted on 4th January 2022