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Helping you to get children active

Helping you to get children active back to News

Sport England have produced a new video that encourages children and young people to get active this summer. 

We all know the pandemic has disrupted the ways in which children and young people normally get active, so Sport England want to encourage them back to activity and help those who are inactive try something new. 

The video has been put together with the help of Sport England’s partners at Forestry England, National Trust, Beat the Streets, Playing Out and both Public Health England and Disney.

It’s encouraging children and young people to make the most of the school holidays and to experience the health and social benefits associated with living active lives. 

In addition to the video, as part of the Join the Movement campaign, Sport England have collated a list of free activities for parents and carers to try with their children this summer – some of which are funded by Sport England. 

More information about the work to help get children and young people active is available on their website.

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Posted on 9th August 2021