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Couch 2 Green Orienteering Course

Couch 2 Green Orienteering Course back to News

Orienteering is an exciting outdoor adventure sport that exercises mind and body.  The aim is to navigate between checkpoints marked on a special orienteering map. There is no set route so the skill and fun come from trying to find the best way to go.

Cleveland Orienteering Klub is offering a unique opportunity in the local  area to improve your health and wellbeing by learning to orienteer in the 8 week adults beginners course, which runs throughout February and March 2022. Through this course you will improve your fitness, exercise your mind, experience nature in the beautiful parklands and surrounds, as well as meet like minded folk.

The course is suitable for any adult of any age and fitness level and the club is very welcoming.
The course fees are very affordable at just £5 per week (paid in 4 weeks blocks) which includes 2 navigation sessions per week and guidance of 3 optional fitness sessions per week.
Kickstart your fitness regime, lose the lockdown lump or simply learn a new skill by joining CLOK’s Couch 2 Green course.’


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Posted on 10th January 2022