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What are the relative usage levels of facilities and spaces and can we optimise our resources?

Are the facilities and spaces in our priority communities being used and what does good look like?

To meet local needs what interventions would best activate these facilities and spaces?

Where would future facilities and spaces work well? Are we managing capacity effectively now?

The answers to these questions and much more are available through the ActiveXChange platform.

ActiveXchange breaks down data silos to securely bring the right data into one platform, harnessing collective data intelligence and the power of data science, to help you continue to build and encourage more active and healthy communities.

The platform enables sport organisations to shape strategic and operational decisions, effectively plan and prioritise resources, and demonstrate the sport’s social impact on the local community.

In addition to the comprehensive local data on organised community sport, recreation and leisure already available in the ActiveXchange network, our clients can now leverage Movement Data to enhance their understanding of non-traditional and casual usage of facilities, spaces, and places. This includes comparing activity levels to other areas and forecasting optimal activation solutions, thus enabling a more holistic view of community engagement and recreational patterns.

To access the platform please contact n.stephenson@tees.ac.uk