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Inclusive Sport and Physical Activity

Tees Valley Sport is committed to increasing participation and opportunities within disability sport.

We’re committed to removing the inequalities that exist for disabled people in sport and physical activity.  By making sport a practical and attractive lifestyle choice, we want to get more disabled people active.  We will raise awareness within local communities and create and support sustainable sports sessions and clubs to deliver high quality activities. Our work will encompass all levels of sports people from grass roots to elite international athletes within the Partnership.

One in five people in England have a long-standing limiting disability or illness. Disabled people say they are nearly twice as likely to be physically inactive (43%), compared with non-disabled people (21%).  This inequality increases sharply as the number of impairments a person has increases, with 51% of people with three or more impairments inactive. If these population disparities are not addressed, the inequalities that already exist for disabled people will increase.

Sport for disabled people is embedded in our work.



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