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560,000 births in the UK every year

25% of pregnant women & new mums who reach the recommended activity levels

419,000 pregnant women missing out on the benefits of being active

We have developed a collaborative project with Public Health South Tees and South Tees Maternity team to create co-designed resources with support of a range of partners and the public. The concept of the project centred around improving wellbeing during the perinatal period, focusing on physical and mental health.

The project consists of three leaflets which are spilt into different stages of the perinatal period (Preconception, Pregnancy and Postnatal), a poster and videos.

The aim was to create simple, accessible, non-clinical documents to encourage, empower and educate.  The content is light-touch and basic whilst giving people the ability to access curated, trusted information via a QR code.  

Click on the image to link to a site which is split into locality then perinatal stage. 

Please contact c.regan@tees.ac.uk for more information.