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Sport England; Community Asset Fund

The Community Asset Fund is a capital fund dedicated to enhancing the spaces in your local community. Whether it’s the park you run through, the hall you do classes in or the pitch you play on, welcoming and accessible spaces have a big impact on a person’s sport and activity experience and likelihood of coming back. Sport England want to invest in your great ideas that will help get people active.

Impetus Environmental Trust

Impetus Environmental Trust wishes to support projects that recognise the importance of community involvement, partnership and innovation in developing and improving the social, aesthetic, and economic and environment in local communities that fulfil the objectives specified by the regulatory body of HMRC (Entrust).

Telephone:  078410 46680                   Email:  impetus.trust@outlook.com

SITA Trust Enhancing Communities Programme – Small Grants

The Small Grants Scheme provides funding for physical improvements to community facilities including sport and recreation facilities up to £10,000. Any not-for-profit organisation including community groups, parish councils, charities, local authorities and voluntary organisations may apply. Projects must have a total cost of £20,000 or less.

Playing Fields Legacy Fund

The Playing Fields Legacy Fund is a small charity established to get more people, especially the young and disadvantaged, playing sport through more effective use of playing fields. They offer grants of up to £10,000 to stimulate new investment in playing fields, including funding for drainage, levelling, returfing, ATPs, MUGAs and pavilions.

Budweiser Club Futures

The Budweiser Club Futures programme aims to help clubs become more financially sustainable and play a bigger role in their local community by providing investment into their general facilities.