UK Coaching Week 14-20 September

UK Coaching Week 2020 will take place from the 14-20 September.

The awareness campaign – which empowers athletes, coaches and the public to celebrate great coaching – will centre on the need to ‘Support Your Coach’, kicking off with the #GreatCoachingPledge that will call on the nation to give some of their own time, sharing thanks and support for the coaching community.


As restrictions are eased and more of us return to play, we will turn to coaches to integrate new controls to keep us all safe, so let’s ensure that we recognise and support our coaches across the UK for the vital work that they do.

How Can I Get Involved?

Simply click the quick links below and follow the instructions to get started on your pledge.

Everyone can get involved in the #GreatCoachingPledge – from parents, players and athletes to clubs, charities and businesses – to recognise and support the people who provide great coaching to their communities.

  1. By recording a 10 second video – on your mobile – explaining how you will give your time and thanks to support the coaching community and sharing it over your social media channels 
  2. By posting the #GreatCoachingPledge graphic on your social media channels using the suggested ideas or by using them for inspiration to come up with your own
  3. By downloading the #GreatCoachingPledge template, printing it off and hand writing your pledge, before taking a photo of yourself holding your pledge and posting the photo on your social media channels
  4. Or by posting a picture of yourself and your favourite coach; someone who has made a significant impact on your life and who you want to recognise and pledge back your time to help and support.

Official Hashtags

#GreatCoachingPledge #UKCoachingWeek2020 #GreatCoaching

Suggested Ideas for Pledges

The coaching workforce is vast – 3 million people keep this country active on a daily basis. Recognise and support your coach for the vital work that they do.

Whether it’s a thank you, or offering your time to help clear the cones one evening after your child’s football training, every little moment you can give will help our coaches to feel recognised and appreciated, and therefore, help our nation to stay active and stay healthy.

Use the suggested pledge examples below to help you with your #GreatCoachingPledge.

I’m/we’re backing UK Coaching’s #GreatCoachingPledge and giving ‘x’ hrs of my/our time by (*examples):

Coaching is about people – and a great coach can change a life

For more ideas and guidance please click here