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Working together across the Tees Valley

We are working with a number of organisations to support the local sports sector during the Covid 19 pandemic and have developed three working groups.  Please contact any of the individuals listed below if you need support with a specific enquiry.

Digital Engagement and the ‘New Normal’ Working Group

The focus for this group is to understand how we can support community clubs and groups delivering sport and physical activity to engage effectively with their members and target audiences during these different times. This includes digital marketing though also a recognition that many people do not have access to online resources and that different means are needed. As the restrictions are lifted we also recognise that the promotional and other needs will also change and the group is looking at how to plan and develop our readiness for this.

Organisation Name District Email
You’ve Got This Lauren Perkin South Tees Lauren.perkin@youvegotthis.org.uk
You’ve Got This Jen Berger South Tees Jen.berger@youvegotthis.org.uk
Tees Valley Sport Catherine Woods Tees Valley C.woods@tees.ac.uk
Teesside University Alison Innerd Tees Valley A.innerd@tees.ac.uk
Middlesbrough Voluntary Development Agency John Atkinson Middlesbrough John.atkinson@mvdauk.org.uk
Middlesbrough Voluntary Development Agency Suganya Middlesbrough Suganya@mvdauk.org.uk
Hartlepower Juli Simons Hartlepool Julisimons@hartlepower.co.uk
Tees Active Leon Jones Tees Valley Leon.jones@teesactive.co.uk
M Media & Design Owain Jenkins Tees Valley Owain.jenkins@mmediadesign.co.uk

Workforce and Volunteering Working Group

The focus for this group is to provide a central access point for online training and resources to support coaches, volunteers and leaders.  The group will collaborate to share resources and opportunities for the workforce to continue their involvement virtually and will provide guidance on how to retain, support and recruit at this difficult time.

Organisation Name District Email
Tees Valley Sport Nigel Hornsby Tees Valley N.hornsby@tees.ac.uk
Tees Valley Sport Mark Dobinson Tees Valley M.dobinson@tees.ac.uk
Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council Stephen Mussett Redcar & Cleveland Stephen_mussett@redcar-Cleveland.gov.uk
Hartlepower Juli Simons Hartlepool Julisimons@hartlepower.co.uk
Street Games John Downes Tees Valley John.downes@streetgames.org
Hartlepool Borough Council Ryan Houghton Hartlepool Ryan.houghton@hartlepool.gov.uk
Middlesbrough Voluntary Development Agency Ruth Barnes Middlesbrough Ruth.barnes@mvdauk.org.uk
Teesside University Pip Bell Tees Valley P.bell@tees.ac.uk
Redcar & Cleveland School Sports Partnership Neil Young Redcar & Cleveland N.young@ryehills.rac.sch.uk

Funding Working Group

The focus for this group is to provide information on the available funding sources to support organisations affected by the Covid 19 pandemic and to provide support with preparing applications.

Organisation Name District Email
Tees Valley Sport Paul Kreczak Tees Valley P.kreczak@tees.ac.uk
Hartlepool Borough Council Dan Garthwaite Hartlepool Daniel.garthwaite@hartlepool.gov.uk
Darlington Borough Council Paul Foreman Darlington Paul.foreman@darlington.gov.uk
Middlesbrough Borough Council Scott Hydon Middlesbrough Scott_hydon@middlesbrough.gov.uk
Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council and Voluntary Development Agency Stephen Mussett Redcar & Cleveland Stephen.mussett@redcar-Cleveland.gov.uk
You’ve Got This James Hartley South Tees James.hartley@youvegotthis.org.uk
Middlesbrough Voluntary Development Agency and representing local volunteer agencies John Atkinson Middlesbrough John.atkinson@mvdauk.org.uk
StreetGames Donna Stubbs Tees Valley Donna.stubbs@streetgames.org