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Club Matters

We are really excited that the Tees Valley has been identified as a pilot area by Sport England to help support clubs and community groups delivering sport & physical activity through Club Matters. We will be working with the Sport England Clubs Team over the next two years to roll out tools and resources to help our clubs. This is a great opportunity to help your club or group grow with lots of current opportunities around taking workshops and general support.

Club Matters offers every sports club bite size support and guidance in the following areas:

Our Recent Return to Play Webinar

Here is the latest recorded version of our Return To Play webinar we hosts in partnership with Sport England. If you have any questions following this video please do not hesitate to get in touch with Mark Dobinson.


Return to Play Support 

In support of the new advice Sport England has released, the Club Matters team has developed content and resources that will help clubs/organisations to apply that guidance. The new resources, which are now included on the dedicated coronavirus response page, take a variety of formats to provide helpful guidance for clubs and organisations. Ranging from full workbooks to templates and checklists, the resources include:

In October 2020,  Club Matters visited Peterborough Town Sports Club (PTSC) to hear about how they approached their initial return to play whilst Peterborough was in Tier 1. The multi-sports club introduced a number of new measures and followed the guidance of each relevant NGB for the five sports they offer. As a result, they were able to attract members back whilst ensuring safety. You can view the main overview video below;


We will help you on your journey to club accreditation and all the benefits it can bring. For more information and additional support please contact Mark Dobinson on 01642 342287 or email m.dobinson@tees.ac.uk

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