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REACH into Coaching

Women across the UK encouraged to Reach into Coaching.

Reach, a new campaign focusing on women in Reachcoaching has been officially launched by sports coach UK.

Reach has been created to raise awareness and inspire more women to get into coaching as well as encourage current women coaches to develop their skills further.

Targeting women of all ages and backgrounds Reach reinforces the messages that coaching keeps you active, can be a sociable activity and is a way of giving back to your community and sport. All this whilst being a role model to encourage others into sport.

The campaign has been created because women are currently under-represented in coaching. Research has shown that women do want to coach, providing the environment is right. However, sport is still regarded as a gendered activity which strongly favours men.

By creating greater diversity in coaching, Reach will begin to address this and participants will benefit from having a choice as to who they are coached by.

A new website has been developed to provide a hub of information which will support women, celebrate their successes in coaching through case studies, videos and photographs and also provide useful resources which will, in the long term, create a cultural change in coaching.

Join the campaign, find information and tips on how you can get involved by visiting