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Coaching Young People

Young people want unmissable experiences when they take part in sport. For more young people to take part in sport regularly, they need coaches to understand and engage them.ASA Youth Forum


Young people want experiences that are tailored to them and that they are able to make their own. Their sporting experiences need to fit into their lives.


Young people are seeking experiences that are unique, different, something they can be proud of or that helps them stand out.


Young people are seeking creative sessions that allow them to make decisions, go further and create their version of the sport.


Young people are seeking experiences that allow them to maintain their social lives and connect with like-minded people. Here are some ideas to help young people connect before, during and after your session.


Sessions that involve technology and/or gaming are most likely to appeal to young people. Here are some ideas of how you can use technology more.


Young people are seeking experiences that give them something back, including financially. Making a choice to take part is not always at the front of their mind. By making the sessions rewarding, you can encourage young people to choose your session and keep them coming back.

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1. Sports Coach UK Coaching children

2. StreetGames Doorstep Sport projects increase the opportunities for young people to take part in regular sport at the right time, in right place, for the right price and in the right style.

3. Sport England developed a Youth Insight Pack outlining how sport needs to adapt how it presents itself to broaden its reach and increase the proportion of young people regularly participating.

4. 'Under the skin' is the new wave of research building on the Youth Insight Pack with a host of findings to help influence how we get young people active.  There are some workshop slides attached below.

5. Connected Coaches; an online community of practice for coaches